New Zealand Indian Freedom Fighters

New Zealand Indian Freedom Fighters

Some of these freedom fighters suffered severe lathi blows, faced bullets and were imprisoned. Some of them also managed to escape arrest and did activities underground.

N. Z. India
1. Simabhai Dubha Rotorua Matwad
2. *Chhotubhai Sima Auckland Matwad
3. Dhedabhai Lala Auckland Matwad
4. *Dayalbhai Kesry Papakura Matwad
5. Govindbhai Nana Wellington Matwad
6. Kanjibhai Panchia Christchurch Matwad
7. Unkabhai Pancha Dannevirke Matwad
8. Unkabhai Ranchhod Wanganui Matwad
9. Hirabhai Dheda Rotorua Matwad
10. Nanabhai Vallabh Wellington Matwad
11. Ganeshbhai Sukha Wanganui Karadi
12. Jerambhai Sukha Waitara Karadi
13. *Jerambhai Ravaji Wanganui Karadi
14. Rambhai Unka Hamilton Karadi
15. *Paniben Vallabh Auckland Karadi
16. Dajibhai Parag Wellington Karadi
17. Dahiben Jeram Auckland Karadi
18. Jerambhai Fakir (Jack) Auckland Karadi
19. *Kamalavatiben Daji Auckland Karadi
20. Fakirbhai Chhiba Christchurch Karadi
21. Chhibabhai Lala NewPlymouth Karadi
22. Sukhabhai Naran Wellington Ashtagam
23. Parabhubhai Jogi Wellington Sisodara
24. Bhanabhai Pema Wellington Sisodara
25. Mavjibhai Govind Wellington Munsad
26. Haribhai Jagu Auckland Sachin
27. *Narsihbhai Nana Rotorua Dandi
28. Khushalbhai Parag Auckland Vankaner-
29. Keshavbhai Jeram Auckland Bodali
30. Madhavbhai Kuvarji Auckland Ryam-
31. Deviben Madhavbhai Auckland Ryam-
32. Dayalbhai Soma Auckland Matwad
33. *Ranchhod Budhia Wellington Delwada

Those who have taken prominent part and suffered lathi blows and faced bullets; escaped arrest and remained underground are:

34. Ranchhodbhai Govind Wellington Matwad
35. Vallabhbhai Soma NewPlymouth Karadi
36. Gandabhai Chhiba Christchurch Matwad
37. Unkabhai Bhangia Wanganui Karadi
38. *Vallabhbhai Dahya Auckland Tavadi

There are seven persons living in New Zealand, they are (with asterisk *) No.2, 4, 13, 15, 19, 27, 33, and 38.
D. Kesry
Verified By:
Jerambhai Ravaji
Chhotubhai Sima


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