Outstading Events of Gandhiji Life

Outstading Events of Gandhiji Life
1869 Born at Porbandar, now in Gujarat, India, on 2nd October
1876 Early education in Rajkot; betrothed to Kasturbai.
1883 Married to Kasturbai.
1885 Father died.
1887 Passed Matriculation Examination; entered the Sanwaldas college at Bhavnagar.
1888 Proceeded to England on September 4, to study law.
1891 Became Barrister on June 10; sailed back to India; reached Bombay on July 7, where he received news of his mother’s death.
1892 Started legal practice at Rajkot and Bombay.
1893 Left for South Africa in April to appear in a civil suit.
1894 Civil suit decided by compromise.
1895 Enrolled as an advocate of Natal Supreme Court; Organised Indian Congress.
1896 Returned from South Africa to India where he remained for six months and met Indian leaders, Tilak, Gokhale and
others. Went to South Africa again on November 28.
1897 Anti-Gandhi demonstrations in Durban, which marked the beginning of a great change in his life.
1899 Helped the British in Boer war.
1901 Returned to India. Organised public service in plague affected areas of Rajkot. Participation in Calautta Congress.
1902 Went to Burma. Started traveling in India in third class railway compartment. Opened an office in Bombay in July. Again proceeded after three months to South Africa.
1903 Established ‘Transvaal British India Association’. Started editing ‘Indian Opinion’.
1904 Studied Gita and Ruskin’s ‘Unto This Last’ which led to a revolutionary change in his life. Established ‘Phoenix Ashram’.
1906 Zulu Revolt. Rendered services to the injured in the revolt. Took a vow to observe Brahmcharya. The word ‘Satyagrah’ was coined for the first time. Proceeded to England as a member of the Indian deputation.
1907 Started Satyagrah against ‘Black Act’.
1908 Interim agreement with British. Was attacked by Pathan. Restarting of Satyagrah, resulting in his arrest.
1909 Wrote his first letter to Tolstoy. Proceeded to England as a member of second Indian deputation, while returning from England he wrote ‘Hind Swaraj’ or ‘India Home Rule’.
1910 Established Tolstoy Farm in Johannesburg.
1912 Gokhale arrived in South Africa. The book entitled ‘Niti Dharma’ was published. Wrote another book of general information on nature-cure for health.
1913 Restarting of Satyagrah. Arrested and released. Observed fast for seven days and there after took one meal a day for four and a half months.
1914 Fast for 14 days. Success of Satyagrah, resulting in an agreement. Proceeded to England on July 18. First world war broke out on August 14. Meeting with Sarojini Naidu. Service in world war.
1915 Awarded Kaisr-e-Hind medal on return to India. Widely traveled in India. Meeting with Kaka Kalelkar and Acharya Kriplani. Death of Gokhale on February 19. On May 25 Sabarmati Ashram was established.
1916 Historical speech on the occasion of the establishment of Kashi Vishwavidyalaya. First meeting with Jawaharlal Nehru in Lucknow Congress.
1917 First meeting with Rajendra Prasad. Started Champaran Satyagraha on April 10. Abolition of indentured Labour Act on May 31. Death of Dadabhai Nauroji on June 30. First meeting with Mahadev Desai.
1918 Mill workers’ strike in Ahmedabad, followed by three days’ fast. Khera Satyagrah. Revival of spinning wheel.
1919 Rowlett Act. Observed April 6 as prayer-cum-fast day. Jallianwala Bagh massacre on April 13. Started editing of ‘Young India’ and ‘Navjivan’, Khilafat Movement. Amritsar Congress.
1920 Death of Lokmanya Tilak on August 1. ‘Tilak Swaraj Fund’ was established on October 2. Congress constitution prepared by Gandhiji was approved. Started Non-Cooperation movement. Establishment of Gujarat Vidyapeeth.
1921 Establishment of other national educational institutions. Boycott of the visit of Prince of Wales, followed by riots. Five days fast. Ahmedabad Congress.
1922 Revolt of Chauri Chaura on February 5. Satyagrah suspended, five days fast. Arrested on March 10. Six years imprisonment.
1924 Operated for appendicitis. Released from jail on February 5. Twenty one days fast from September 24 in support of Hindu Muslim unity. Presided over Belgaum Congress.
1925 Death of Deshbandhu Chitranjandas 0n June 16. One week fast. Kanpur Congress. Establishment of Charkha Sangh.
1926 Martyrdom of Swami Shrddhanand.
1927 Extensively toured throughout India for the revival of Khadi. Death of Hakim Ajmal Khan on September 19.
1928 Simon Commission. Bardoli Satyagrah. Death of Maganlal Gandhi in Patna on April 22. Death of Lala Lajpat Rai on November 17. Nehru report. Compromise resolution in Calcutta Congress.
1929 Resolution for Complete Independence passed in Lahore Congress.
1930 Pledge for Complete Independence on January 26. Famous Dandi March on March 12 to break the Salt Law. Arrested on May 5.
1931 Death of Mohammad Ali in England on January 4. Gandhiji released from jail on February 25. Death of Pandit Motilala Nehru on February 6. Gandhi-Irwin Pact on March 4. Bhagat Singh hanged on March 23. Karachi Congress. Martyrdom of Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi on March 25. Participated in Second Round Table Conference as a sole representative of India, but returned disappointed in December.
1932 Congress declared unlawful organisation. Restarted Satyagrah. ‘Navjiwan’ stopped. From September 20 fast unto death against Communal Award. Yarvada Pact on September 24. Fast ended on September 26.
1933 Thirty one days fast from May 8. Started ‘Harijan’ weekly. Released from jail and again arrested. One year imprisonment. Fast unto death from August 16, which ended after one week. Released from jail on August 23. Death of Annie Besant on September 20. Death of Vitthalbhai Patel on September 22. Left Sabarmati Ashram to live at Wardha. Undertook tour from November 7 for ‘Harijan’ uplift.
1934 Bihar earthquake. Satyagrah suspended on May7. Seven days fast. Gram Udyog Sangh established on October 26. Bombay Congress.
1935 Golden Jubilee of Indian National Congress.
1936 Death of Dr. Ansari on May 10. Sewagram Ashram established.
1937 Accepted Congress membership in July. Started ‘Nai Talim’ programme.
1939 Death of Maulana Shaukat Ali on January 4. Fast unto death in Rajkot, which ended in four days on the intervention of the Viceroy. Tripura Congress. Subhash Chandra Bose resigned from the Presidentship of Indian National Congress. Government in all provinces resigned on November 8.
1940 Individual Satyagrah started from October 11, Vinoba offered arrest as first Satyagrahi. Publication of ‘Harijan’ weekly suspended.
1941 Death of Rabindranath Tagore on August 7. Gave up leadership of Indian National Congress. Established ‘Go-Seva-Sangh’ on September 30.
1942 Again accepted leadership of Indian National Congress. Death of Shri Jamnalal Bajaj on February 11. Cripps Mission. Established ‘Hindustani Prachar Sabha’. ‘Quit India’ resolution on August 8. Collective arrest of Indian leaders all over India on August 9. Death of Mahadev Desai on August 15.
1943 Twenty one days fast in Agha Khan palace.
1944 Death of Kasturba Gandhi on February 22. Released from jail on May 6. Gandhi-Jinnah talks.
1945 Indian leaders released from jail. 1st Simla conference.
1946 Cabinet Mission. ‘Direct Action’ programme of Muslim League from August 16. Communal riots. Pad Yatra in Noakhali. death of Madan Mohan Malviya on November 12.
1947 India declared independent on August 15. Seventy three hours fast for peace in Calcutta.
1948 Fast unto death undertaken to established peace in Delhi, which continued for five days.
Martyrdom on January 30.
Last words: ‘Hey Ram Hey Ram.’


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