Manukau Indian Association Inc

25 Tui Road Papatoetoe Manukau

President Balubhai Mistry Secretery Ajay Kapoor

Phone Res:2675999/0274721368 Phone Res: 5346813/0275276672



The executive committee of Manukau Indian Association would like to publicly appreciate and acknowledge the outstading contribution you have made to the Indian community in New Zealand.

The Indian people living in Manukau and Auckland regard you as a community stalwart. You have excelled in providing community services for number of years.

Your services to the Indian community have helped raise the profile of Indians living in New Zealand. It has been inspirational and motivating to the new migrants arriving from India. They have turned to you for help and guidance during their early years of settlement with the assurance of getting the right advice.

You have provided leadership in your chosen field of expertise, whether it be religious, spiritual, educational, community services, political, sports or business which has led to the establishment of our culture, heritage and traditions. The Indian community in New Zealand greatly benefited by your contribution.

In recognition of your outstanding services, Manukau Indian Association Inc. is proud to present you with this certificate of acnowledgement.

Balubhai Mistry


21 October 2005


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